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Welcome Sacred Earth Warriors...

to a place of deep connection; with ourselves, each other and the planet. We value respect, reverence, celebration and unity above all else. A place where all beings are cared for and honored. We pray in gratitude every day for the abundance and beauty Mother Earth constantly provides us. We honor the four directions and the elements, knowing that they give us life.   


We care for our body temples as the gifts and miracles they are. We hold our children and our elders as the great wisdom keepers of our people. We look deeply into the souls of our brothers and sisters, supporting each other with full hearts toward conscious evolution.


Our Mission is to create truly transformational and one-of-a-kind healing experiences. We hold sacred space for deep introspection while sharing the tools necessary to cultivate a life of purpose, creativity, joy, health and balance. A life that is in perfect alignment with nature and the universal principles that govern this existence. A heart centered life of service and contribution to the greater good. 


We are committed to bringing conscious education such as yoga, meditation, nutrition, dance, art, music, permaculture, sustainability, non-violent conflict resolution and community building to children -- especially the inner city, low-income and underprivileged sectors -- through fully immersive family events, weekend workshops and after-school programming.


StarSeed Children's Foundation is our non-profit organization developed to provide children with the necessary tools to become happy, healthy, creative, connected and conscious members of society.  We believe this will usher us into a new paradigm of peace, prosperity and abundance for all.  10% of all of our proceeds go towards sustainability and social change efforts, including ocean conservation initiatives, reforestation programs and conscious education for children.


We invite you to join us on our path of transcendence toward nurturing rebalance, holistic healing and spiritual awakening.

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